Bombers Burrito Bar, The Olde English Pub, and Wolff's Biergarten are three different restaurants that are located in New York State. A majority of our locations are within the Capital Region, but we recently have opened Wolff's Biergarten in Syracuse, and there will be a Bombers opening in the town of Oneonta.

Bombers Burrito Bar was the first of these restaurants to open back in 1997. It was founded on $15,000 won at the Turning Stone Casino at a poker game. No joke! It was then that Bombers’ founder, Matt Baumgartner (with the help of his friend, Lynn Beaumont), quit his job at General Electric & pursued his dream of opening up the best burrito joint in the modernized world. First opened as a small lil’ takeout restaurant serving giant burritos and tacos for a wee little price, Bombers quickly became a hot spot for students, poor rock bands, cheap state workers, and pretty much anyone with a tattoo or multiple facial piercings. Since then, Bombers Burrito Bar has expanded to include a kick-ass tequila & beer bar with enough tequila to get your entire Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin network drunk.

The Olde English Pub is located in the Quackenbush House that was built in the 1730s in downtown Albany, NY. Since 2011 this historic building has become home to our pub, also known as "the little house with beer in it". We serve quality British beers (plus Guinness), single malt scotches, wine, and select cocktails made with liquor from Albany Distilling Co. Along with drinks, we serve delicious English pub food that features select items that change with the seasons. If you're looking for a homey atmosphere with delicious food, quality drinks, and great friends this is the place for you!

Wolff's Biergarten was established in 2009 in Albany’s North End and has locations in Schenectady and Syracuse. We specialize in 3 things at Wolff’s: bier (The finest German, Belgian and Czech biers), wurst (quality sausages and schnitzel served with homemade spatzle) and soccer (televising all your favorite live games from around the world). It is open for lunch, dinner, and weekend Brunch on Saturday and Sunday. With over one million peanuts served, you'll never realized how much you loved shelling peanuts until you start sipping on a cold bier!

Every Fall in Albany, NY Wolff's Biergarten helps throw the North Albany Oktoberfest Block Party - a German Street Festival that includes bier, music, commemorative steins, dachshund "weiner dog" races, keg bowling, soccer shootout, and more!

For more information on our restaurants, please visit the LOCATIONS page on our site.

Matt Baumgartner, Owner of Bombers, Olde English, and Biergarten
Jimmy Vann, Owner of Albany Biergarten and Olde English
Demetra Vann, Owner Albany Biergarten and Olde English
Mark Graydon, Owner Olde English and Schenectady Biergarten
Greta Graydon, Owner Olde English and Schenectady Biergarten
Mark Fichera, Owner Schenectady and Syracuse Biergarten